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WILD Mysteries

WILD Mysteries Team

Welcome to WILD Mysteries! Investigate nature’s marvelous mysteries with your hosts Lauren and Laura. Each episode investigates the unique story of a really WILD animal, plant, or place around the world. From remarkable rodents to nifty nests and everything in between, solve these mysteries with us while you eat your breakfast, run errands, or enjoy your morning time rhythm. Fostering connection to nature and critical thinking skills, the WILD Mysteries podcast is good, old-fashioned family fun. So, what are you waiting for, go WILD with us! 

You might recognize Lauren Giordano and Laura Stroup, along with Stephanie Hathaway as writers of the WILD Mag monthly nature study magazine and authors of Nature School by Quarry books. They bring their love of nature and desire to inspire outdoor exploration to each episode. WILD Mysteries can be used to entertain, teach, and accompany nature study discoveries in your home or classroom. Be sure to check out Stephanie Hathaway’s “extras” that correspond with each podcast episode. Thanks for exploring with us!